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Every month I produce a newsletter for several hundred subscribers. We continually update throughout the month so remember to check back. The newsletter contains articles and quotes that are not necessarily my views - but I like to think that us Borzoi owners are open minded enough to listen to everyone. If you have any bits and pieces for features please email them to me at [email protected]

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September Newsletter 2004

I have read so much on some of the American Borzoi emails lists recently of dog aggression at dog shows and also some of the rather strange advice on offer on how to handle it, that I am devoting part of this months newsletter to some of the pioneers in the field.

Having spent the last couple of weeks working on my recall work with our borzoi, I've had a great time reading and viewing Turid Rugaas video. 
Turid's work across the globe of interacting with your dogs calming signals is wonderful. You will never be able to say again that your dog did not give you any warning prior to it's behaviour.

"Turid Rugaas is an internationally renowned trainer and writer who has devoted her life to dogs, their behavior and their well-being.

The Norwegian dog trainer has worked with dogs for many years and studied the body language of dogs for more than a decade. After a project where Turid and a colleague observed dogs carefully, recording their behaviour on video and in photographs, she became well-known around the world for her work on the calming signals. And Turid Rugaas is now one of the world's leading experts on dog behavior.

In the critically acclaimed book On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals, she shares with us her insights on the fascinating world of communication between dogs, as well as dogs and their owners."
Turids website is at

"Sadly, normal behavior is quickly labeled "problem" behavior, and the dog is now a "problem dog." Depending on the skill and awareness of the trainer or instructor, the dog may be merely puzzled or irritated by well meaning attempts to desensitize or re-condition the behavior or actually punished quite severely using any number of horrific and senseless techniques".
Suzanne Clothier.

There are some great articles on Dog observations and training on Suzanne Clothiers website, but one of the most outstanding is her article on "Dogs just want to say hi".

This is the link to her entire articles page too. You'll find an interesting article on problems with headcollars on dogs too.

In the UK, Angela Stockdale is also working on dog aggression. Her site the Dog Partnership has lots of helpful advice for anyone having to live with an "aggressive" dog. Having seen her in action in the UK last month working with over 20 clients "aggressive" dogs off leash, it was truly awe inspiring. The look of relief on her clients faces as they unclipped the leash from their dogs was a real sight to behold. All the dogs had been assessed prior to the session that I saw, and it all took place in a large 2 acre grass field everyone working their dogs first in harness and long lines around the field. You'll find plenty of advice on offer if you have a need to consult with Angela.

This questionnaire has been doing the rounds here in the UK and though it's a tad long, its for a very worthwhile cause.

Looking for that perfect oufit for dog shows - look no further than here. All the clothes are made for comfort and durabilty.

 Best In Show - I hope you remembered this is on every Monday on Animal Planet, Satellite TV - it's been great to watch all the professional handlers and the owner handlers competing in North America and Canada.

Hair of The Dog - Docs Blend!
Created by Borzoi breeders Doc and Barbara Lord of Warwind Borzoi, this is a Synergistic Approach to Omega Balance and Antioxidant Protection.

Want To Make Your Own Advert? 
The Advert Channel - Satellite Ch694

Calling all budding producers. Ever watched a TV advert and thought, I can do better? well the Advert Channel needs you. We are making a new program to be shown in September called, So you think you can do better? where we will put your home made commercial on air. It can be a copy of a well known advert, maybe an old remake of the Andrex Puppy or a Pedigree Chum commercial, or it could be something more recent or an original commercial for a product you like. Just keep it to less than 1 minute. You can make it with your home video camera and send it in on a Tape or on CD and we will show the best ones and ask our viewers to vote. If yours is chosen as the best then you will win 250 cash and your advert will be added to our hall of fame. And who knows, you may even be spotted by a major film producer! To enter send in your tape, your name, address and a little bit about yourself and we will do the rest. Sorry, we cannot return tapes/CDs or other media so please keep a copy. Please send to: The Advert Channel, 494 Midsummer Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 2EA.

Movies with Borzoi

Pickle Hills Notchee Boy in "Legends of the Fall
Read the whole story of this borzoi in the movie in the link above.

More Movies below

Hello Dolly D'or's Prince Igor 
owned by Barbara
Todd (Zcerlov)and bred by Andre Legere.
Excalibur (1980's)  
Bride of Frankenstein In the Boris Karloff classics
Easter Parade Borzoi join Fred Astaire and Judy Garland
War and Peace Borzoi from the kennel of from Ekhaga Sweden.
Pink Floyd Music DVD
Live at Pompeii the Directors Cut
TV Show in USA "Wings" Lyndell Ackerman's "Nessie" CH Windyglens Finesse
The Great Ziegfield
Ziegfield Follies
"Onegin " 1999 Actors: Ralf Fiennes, Liv Tyler
This film has a couple of scenes with Borzois in their true setting, ie.
in Russian landowner's country mansion
a) being led through snowy inner courtyard by one of the servants
b) lounging next to enormous hearth/ fireplace next to their master
Gangs of New York (2002)  
Chaplin Robert Downey Jr
The Avengers with Emma Peel
Maverick (1994) with Mel Gibson
Sleepy Hollow At the end of the movie
Last Action Hero Being walked out of the Police Headquarters
A Knights Tale On the DVD deleted scenes
Love at First Bite  

If you know of anymore do let me know!

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The International Borzoi Conference takes places in Texas, USA, April 2005.  The event co-ordinators are Mrs. Shen Smith & Mrs. Angela San Paolo.

You will also find New USA Importations rules on the site too brought into force July 24 2005.


Dogs in Europe
Aniwa is a European Website dedicated to the world of animal and show dogs - always good pics.

USA Nationals
If you'd like to see the breeding behind some of the winners you'll find a pdf here.

Dog News USA
f you'd like to keep up to date with the dog scene in the USA, Dog News is the place to be!



I keep a Kennel Club database of borzoi pedigrees on my computer and if you ever need a pedigree for any uk, some european and american borzoi , drop me an email and I'll send you one.

If you want to find and print pedigrees of borzoi from the UK, Europe, America and Sweden visit Borzoi Central's pedigree pages. You can also add your own pedigrees to this enormous pedigree resource.


Good Websites

Dog Basics
When Caroline isn't dog sitting, you will find her dog training. This is an excellent site by a good dog trainer and one who also offers a great dog sitting service too.

Urban Dog
Get in touch with your inner dog.

Fido Friendly
The Travel Magazine for dogs.

A great site helping all homeless and unwanted pets in Ireland. Their greyhound article is interesting reading too.

Training Lines
A good UK supplier of all things dog!

Yegorov Borzoi
Another Ch Borscana Ulvejeger youngster looks set to move to the UK!

Dubrovski Borzoi
A nice site dedicated to the breed in Bulgaria.

Kazar Borzoi - Norway
Fun to view though not in English!

Borzoi Stuff
Looking for pictures, stamps, paintings, and a whole host more, just click here.

The Anxiety Wrap
A tool taken from the world of autism that helps animals to cope and over past and present issues. It aids an animal's ability to focus and remain calm and compliments the use of gentle training methods.


The Borzoi Club of America also has a good website called Borzoi Health the number one disease in dogs is Cancer. Though heart disease which is so high in borzoi in the UK comes in at number 7 on the US list. 


Yahoo Groups
You'll find several excellent borzoi lists located at Yahoo Groups to subscribe to, including, Borzoi Conversations, Borzoi News, European Borzoi and Show Borzoi


Animals Naturally is a good starting place to find out more about homeopathic nosodes which are becoming very popular instead of annual boosters, always talk through your choices with your vet before making any decisions.

You can also read Dr Richard Pitcairns article on the subject of vaccinations too.

All our dogs are fed on the Nutro range of dog products.

and also on Anglian Meat Products

Just in case you're not already taking advantage of the new companies now allowed to sell you wormers and prescription medicines directly - here is the web address of Hyperdrug, also trading under the name of the Canine Chemist in your local dog press. It's so much cheaper bulk buying wormers and medicines directly.

Dog Show Results

Higham Press if you don't already know is an excellent website you can also get the number of entries entered in your breed now online.

Fossedata also supplies show results from many of the Scottish shows too.

Canine Information Online has results from Bath, Blackpool and 3 Counties.

If you've found a great website and would like to share it with others please email it to me

Judges for 2004

Manchester- Jill Chapman
Dog CC
Ch Dimland Music Maker
Bitch CC
Ch Colhugh Courtesan

Crufts 2004 - Mrs B Stears 
Dog CC
Manitias Silent Night at Mischran
Bitch CC
Colhugh Coffee Cream at Yanjoy

Hound Association Scotland
Marion Spavin
Dog CC Redbanner Representative
Bitch CC Ch Abamor Bewitched

Graham Hill
Dog CC Ch Vashla Vassago
Bitch CC - Ch Colhugh Coutoure

Anne MacDonald
Dog CC Nakora Izvoschik
Bitch CC Ch Colhugh Courtesan

Scottish Kennel Club - Roger Heap
Dog CC Swiftcroft Blaze Away
Bitch CC Rothesby Snow Queen

Mr DT Wong (Australia)
Dog CC Borodino Barishnikov
Bitch CC Ricanova Pickettywitch

Southern Counties
 Mrs D Martin
Dog CC Ch Dimland Music Maker
also won the Hound Group
Bitch CC Ch Colhugh Courtesan

3 Counties
Ian Bond
BOB Rothesby Ice Diamond

Mrs PM Wells
BOB Sukeshi Titan

Jeff Horswell

Dog CC Manitias Kilimanjaro
over Endevor
Bitch CC Ch Colhugh Courtesan

South Wales KA 
Denys Simpson
Dog CC Swiftcroft Blaze Away
Bitch CC Colhugh Coffee Cream at Yanjoy

Terry Thorn
Dog CC Ch Dimland Music Maker
Bitch CC Ricanova Pickettywych  

Vic Harrison
Dog CC Manitias Kilimanjaro
over Endevor
Bitch CC Colhugh Coffee Cream at Yanjoy

Hound Association
Susan Swain
Dog CC Ch Vashla Vassago
Bitch CC Ch Colhugh Courtesan

Margaret Masterman
Dog CC Manitias Kilimanjaro
over Endevor
Bitch CC Ricanova Pickettywych  

Welsh KC
 Derrick Harrison
Dog CC Sukeshi Hyperion
Bitch CC Ch Colhugh Courtesan

Scottish Kennel Club August -Kari Engh
Dog CC Rothesby Shadowchant
Bitch CC Rothesby Amethyst of Sholwood

City of Birmingham 
Judy Fryer
Dog CC Ch Vashla Vassago
Bitch CC Strelkos Simplicity

Dee Langley
September 12th

Sue Simon
September 24th

Borzoi Club
 Bert Simmonds Dogs
Barbara Long Bitches
October 3rd

Gill Grist
October 16th

Borzoi Seminar 
24th October

Julie Stevens Smith
December 10th

Judges 2005

Crufts 2005 - Mrs FJ Minns

Northern Borzoi 
Michael Real

Hound Association 
Val Tuton