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Borzoi Newsletter 2005



Cloned Afghan Hound - Snuppy the Puppy!

South Koreas pioneering stem cell scientist has cloned a dog, smashing another biological barrier and reigniting a fierce ethical debate — while producing a perky, lovable puppy. The researchers, led by Hwang Woo-suk, insist they cloned an Afghan hound, a resplendent supermodel in a world of mutts, only to help investigate human disease, including the possibility of cloning stem cells for treatment purposes.

But others immediately renewed calls for a global ban on human reproductive cloning before the technology moves any farther.

"Successful cloning of an increasing number of species confirms the general impression that it would be possible to clone any mammalian species, including humans," said Ian Wilmut, a reproductive biologist at the University of Edinburgh who produced the first cloned mammal, Dolly the sheep, from an adult cell nearly a decade ago.

Researchers have since cloned cats, goats, cows, mice, pigs, rabbits, horses, deer, mules and gaur, a large wild ox of Southeast Asia. So far, efforts to clone a monkey or another primate with the same techniques have failed.

Uncertainties about the health and life span of cloned animals persist; Dolly died prematurely in 2003 after developing cancer and arthritis.

Wilmut and others complimented Hwang's achievement, reported Wednesday in the journal Nature. But they said politicians and scientists must face the larger and more delicate issue — how to extend research without crossing the moral boundary of duplicating human life in the lab.

"The ability to use the underlying technology in developing research models and eventually therapies is incredibly promising," said Robert Schenken, president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. "However, the paper also points out that in dogs as in most species, cloning for reproductive purposes is unsafe."

The cloned puppy was the lone success from more than 100 dogs implanted with more than 1,000 cloned embryos.

In a news conference in Seoul, the cloning team also condemned the reproductive cloning of humans as "unsafe and inefficient." Human reproductive cloning already is banned in South Korea. Other nations, including the United States, are split over whether to ban just human cloning or cloning of all kinds, including the production of stem cells.

Embryonic stem cells are the source of all tissue. Researchers believe they can be coaxed to grow into heart, brain or nerve cells that could be used to renew ailing organs.

Last year, Hwang's team at Seoul National University created the world's first cloned human embryos. In May, they created the first embryonic stem cells that genetically match injured or sick patients.

The researchers insisted the dog experiment was aimed at a creating reliable research model.

Monkeys are the closest model to humans and they are crucial to medical research, but Hwang told reporters that cloning a monkey "is technically impossible at the moment."

"Dogs share physiological characteristics with humans," he said. "A lot of diseases that occur in dogs can be directly transferred to humans."

Animal welfare groups criticized the experiment. "This technology could lead to a brave new world of puppy production if it were hijacked by profiteers seeking to use cloning to supply the pet trade," said Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States.

The researchers nicknamed their canine creation Snuppy, for "Seoul National University puppy," a reference to Hwang's lab. One of the dog's co-creators, Gerald Schatten of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, described Snuppy, now 14 weeks old, as "a frisky, healthy, normal, rambunctious puppy."

On scientific terms, the experiment's success was mixed. Like Dolly, Snuppy was created using a method called somatic cell nuclear transfer. 

Scientists took a skin cell from the ear of a 3-year-old male Afghan hound and extracted genetic material from the nucleus. They transferred it to an unfertilized egg whose nucleus was removed. The reconstructed egg holding the DNA from the donor cell was zapped with an electric current to stimulate cell division. 

Dog eggs have been problematic because they are released from the ovary at an earlier, less mature stage than in other mammal. This time, the researchers collected more mature eggs from the donors' fallopian tubes. 

They implanted 1,095 cloned embryos into 123 dogs and just three pregnancies resulted. That's a cloning efficiency rate lower than experiments with cats and horses. One fetus miscarried and one puppy died of pneumonia 22 days after birth. 

That left Snuppy. He was delivered by Caesarean section from his surrogate mother, a yellow Labrador retriever. 

Schatten said nuclear transfer technology is a key step in investigating the root causes and potential treatments of diseases that canines and humans share, including cancer, diabetes and joint deterioration. 

If cloned stem cells can be used to treat dogs safely and effectively, he said, "we may also know whether it's safe and effective for our loved ones." 

More immediately, the experiment's outcome encouraged the commercial pet-cloning industry, which replicates beloved dead pets. A cloned-to-order kitten was produced in late 2004 for $50,000 by Genetic Savings & Clone Inc. of Sausalito, Calif., which hopes to commercially clone a dog within a year. 

Schatten and Hwang's group chose to clone an Afghan hound because its genetic profile is relatively pure. But dog experts said the researchers' choice was disquieting. 

"The Afghan hound is not a particularly intelligent dog, but it is beautiful," said psychologist Stanley Coren, author of the best-selling manual "The Intelligence of Dogs." He ranked the dog last among 119 breeds in temperament and trainability. 

"Many people who opt for the cloning technique are more interested in fashionable looks," he said. "Whenever we breed dogs for looks and ignore behavior, we have suffered." 

Socks for Windows!

Window SOX are a new effective product for providing shade and insect protection when placed on the rear windows of your vehicle.

Much easier to use than the stick on sun shades we buy in Halfords for the rear windows!


"Other than the primary function of brushing or styling hair, hair brushing serves several other important purposes; cleaning and massaging the skin, and stimulating the release of a beneficial oil called sebum.   Sebum is released by the sebaceous gland at the base of the hair follicle as a result of the gentle hair tugging action caused by brushing.  Brushing the hair cleans the hair shaft, follicle, and skin by removing trapped scale, dirt, and oils.   Brushing also distributes the Sebum, coating, lubricating, and protecting the hair shaft resulting in a healthy glow or sheen and more flexible hair.  Because sebum protects and moisturizes, regular brushing results in hair that is healthier, more manageable, and easier to style.  All of Chris Christensen Systems brushes are well balanced and easy to use.  Handles are designed to ensure comfortable grip and use."

I have now moved onto the 27mm gold pin brushes from the Chris Christensen range, it's much better than a Mason Pearson brush!! yes better. It gets rid of all the under coat too, you need to be careful using the brushes on borzoi skin, but it's a great brush.  I also purchased their shampoos and the ice on ice grooming spray but found them not as good as those I've listed below.

Shampoos - I purchase from Groomers, great prices and large sizes. Their cucumber and seaweed (sounds disgusting but smells great) is one I use frequently and also their tangerine and grapefruit.

The Stuff - silicone based and good for repelling dirt in between shows.


Looking for treats that even Borzoi will eat!

I have finally found them - Natures Menu Treats, I order them along with my AMP order of raw meat each month. Our dogs can't get enough of them. Especially if you stuff their kongs with them too. Even our picky borzoi who will only eat cheese loves them too.

Whilst in Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego last month, we visited at the Helen Woodward Animal Centre, so much more involved and useful than our own  UK RSPCA.

You can board your dog there and it's keep will help with paying to look after the unwanted strays and other animals that arrive at the centre.  Not only is there an Equine Hospital, RIding for the Disabled, a vet clinic, a rehoming unit and the Pet Boarding facility, they also find time to teach others how to do it at the Centers Animal Care University.  “Students” attending ACU learn to increase adoptions and lower euthanasia, fundraising techniques, education concepts, volunteer management, and public relations concepts. 

Their logo "People Helping Animals And Animals Helping People" is really lived to the full.

Dog Guards

Looking to fit out your vehicle with a new dog guard?  A list of links below to book mark for when you change cars!

MMG Dog Guards - I think the easiest as the bolts stay screwed into the car and you can unclip everything and take it out of the car should you need to.

Barjo - Pens, Ramps, Guards, Dividers, the whole works. A good used section too.

Guardsman - Cages and Dividers

Car Box - For anything to attach to a car!

Haborn Products - Cages and Kennels

Lintran - Transit boxes and trailers

Borzoi Cards

Your purchase of these cards will help support publication of Being Borzoi -- A collection of stories, anecdotes and reflections about our wonderful dogs. Order your set now! All profits from sales of the book will be donated to the Borzoi Club of America Donor-Advised fund of the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation.


Borzoi Connection

If your not subscribing to the American editions of Borzoi Connection you'll miss out on all the great stuff that Cindy Michalak does on "Unique Zoitiques" or in other words Borzoi Anitques! 

In this link to one of the archive articles for the magazine you'll find out porcelain borzoi and this link from the Fall 04 issue covers some of the Seasonal items to be found with borzoi on them.

If you'd like to subscribe you find all the Details at Borzoi Connection


A Unique Joint Action Formula

Advanced Cetyl M® Joint Action Formula features one of the most exciting advances in joint health—cetyl myristoleate.  But it’s the combined action of cetyl myristoleate with other natural joint health ingredients that makes Advanced Cetyl M® both unique and powerfully effective. 
If you do nothing else on this site, watch the before and after videos of Jap!


Happy Legs

You must have seen these by now, even us hay seeds in the UK!! Animal Planet was the first place I saw them being used to train a show stand with a young Afghan hound.

Happy Legs are a revolutionary training system used to teach dogs to stand and stay in a correct show pose in just minutes!



I like it when I find a website devoted to big dog beds, I normally purchase our dog beds from Meg Parnell of Overhill Kennels, her infamous Meg Bed comes in lots of sizes and our borzoi love to sprawl out in them. Though when I went over to collect my import from Sweden they also had a very similar bed in Sweden.

Animal Comforts devotes a whole page to Big Dog Beds!

Borzoi History - visit R. Lynn Shell's site for lots of borzoi information. It's the sort of site to book mark and keep revisiting as she is always updating it too. You'll also find a great pedigree area, lots of articles and features too and if you get the time also check out R.Lynn's own personal website of Borzoi and Silkens at Gryffyns Aeyrie one of her silkens is bound for the shores of the UK.

Maria Zarnova  has put together an Historic Pictorial British Borzoi site with lots of photographs of dogs throughout the British pedigrees.


"Borzoi Digest magazine ... A COMPLETE look at the breed. Focusing on the intelligence, health, agility, trainability, history and longevity of the Borzoi breed.

The Borzoi Digest  magazine provides Borzoi lovers everywhere with a well-rounded resource about our favorite breed. Features include: the Breeder's Forum interviews, specialty shows, racing, coursing, obedience articles, judge interviews, and a wide range of other interesting and informative subjects. We also highlight stories, news, editorials and memorials by contributing Borzoi breeders, enthusiasts, vets/teaching schools, and owners."

The Borzoi Digest  is published quarterly and well worth a visit to the website.



Dog Training Videos  

Tawzer Dog Videos
If your looking to purchase videos or DVD on dog training or dealing with problems, Alta's website should be your first port of call. Fast and efficient service no matter what format you want it sent in.

2005 Judges for the UK
Scottish KC - 28th August Denise Tyerman
City of Birmingham - 2nd September Angela Randall
Richmond - 10th September Shirley Rawlings
Belfast - 23rd September  David Smith - Ricanova
Borzoi Club Ch Show - 3rd October Sue Peskett - Bitches
Robin Spencer - Dogs
Driffield - 15th October Sandra Marshall
LKA - 10th December Jeff Horswell


2006 Judges for the UK

Please note the change of judge for Hound Association Scotland
Crufts Rose Marie Downes - Vronsky
Northern Borzoi - April Ann Webb - Yaltika
WELKS Dee Langley - Zoribo
Hound Association Scotland - 8th April Joy Mahoney - Yanjoy
Birmingham National Marion Spavin
Bath - May 29
Southern Counties - June 3
SWKA - July 6 Richard Duckworth
Paignton - July 13
Leeds - July 23
Windsor - July 30
Houndshow - August 5 Jean Clare - Ryazan
Bournemouth - August 13
Welsh KC - August 18
Scottish KC - August 26
City of Birmingham - Sept 1
Richmond - Sept 8
Belfast - Sep 29
Driffield - October 14
Borzoi Club Show Trevor Jepson
Karen Dumke - NonSuch
LKA Brenda Stears - Livny
Derek Harrison
Robin Searle
To judge Borzoi Club shows 2007


Our dogs are fed on the Nutro and AMP range of dog products. We have also started to use the only totally Organic Dog food that is available in the UK called Pero. The Pero Chicken and Rice is totally organic and great for any dog that has ever bitten it's feet with a food allergy. It stopped one of our dogs from licking his feet on day two!


and also on Anglian Meat Products


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The Bark 
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Tawzer Dog Videos
If your looking to purchase videos or DVD on dog training or dealing with problems, Alta's website should be your first port of call. Fast and efficient service no matter what format you want it sent in.

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Borzoi WebSites

Angie Baker's Mischran Borzoi site, has been revamped recently with lots of pictures and pedigrees available on the site.

If you want to find and print pedigrees of borzoi from the UK, Europe, America and Sweden visit Borzoi Central's pedigree pages. You can also add your own pedigrees to this enormous pedigree resource.

Good Websites

Strip Duke
Rapidly becoming the place to be with sight hounds news, interviews, show results, great pictures and lost of news of new litters of things sighthound but with a very heavy weighting towards Borzoi.

The boys also spend time, showing, breeding, grooming and a whole host of other things with their borzoi and whippets at their kennel website too.

Having been a great devotee of George Alston when I bought my first borzoi, I bought everything I could get my hands on that he did, I've still to take in a seminar when I'm in the USA. This is the next best thing, brought to you from the IAMS website - a mini George Alston Seminar online. There is nothing to compare to him in the UK - shame:(


The Volhard Holistic Dog
Training Site
A site for complimentary dog training and feeding.

Training Lines
A good UK supplier of all things dog!

Yahoo Groups
You'll find several excellent borzoi lists located at Yahoo Groups to subscribe to, including, Borzoi Conversations, Borzoi News, European Borzoi and Show Borzoi


Just in case you're not already taking advantage of the new companies now allowed to sell you wormers and prescription medicines directly - here is the web address of Hyperdrug, also trading under the name of the Canine Chemist in your local dog press. It's so much cheaper bulk buying wormers and medicines directly.

Dog Show Results

Higham Press if you don't already know is an excellent website you can also get the number of entries entered in your breed now online.

Fossedata also supplies show results from many of the Scottish shows too.

Canine Information Online has results from Bath, Blackpool and 3 Counties.


If you've found a great website and would like to share it with others please email it to me